Winter Weather Will Bury Canada Way Before December Thanks To A 'Temperature Fever'

This fever will make a whole lot of people feel colder!

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Winter Weather Will Bury Canada Way Before December Thanks To A 'Temperature Fever'

You might want to get ready because cold and snowy winter weather is set to descend on parts of Canada way before December arrives due to a "temperature fever."

According to The Weather Network, stubbornly warm temperatures in Nunavut, which is where the atmosphere makes some of the coldest air in the Northern Hemisphere, will have far-reaching impacts across Canada.

The warmth up north has slowed ice formation in the arctic and Hudson Bay, with water temperatures above normal for this time of year. That is setting up a choppy back and forth battle between air masses over the next few weeks.

The Weather Network is forecasting that by mid-November, that battle will settle into a sustained weather pattern that brings cold and snow to Central and Eastern Canada!

So winter weather is expected to set in long before December arrives and the season changes.

If you've been waiting for there to be snow on the ground before you put winter tires on your car, it turns out that people in quite a few places in Canada should already have the seasonal tires on.

Another 'Weather Bomb' Could Be Coming To Canada & Bringing Blizzard Conditions With It

This would be the second "weather bomb" to hit Canada in just a week!

Get ready because yet another "weather bomb" could be on the way for some parts of Canada and that could mean blizzard conditions for some places!

The Weather Network said it's possible that a strong nor'easter will move up the East Coast of the U.S. and then bring "significant winter weather" to Atlantic Canada on Friday, January 14 and Saturday, January 15.

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The storm moving through Atlantic Canada has been classified as a "weather bomb" and the photos show just how powerful the system was.

The Weather Network has revealed that the nor'easter has hit Nova Scotia and parts of Southern New Brunswick the hardest, with the biggest impacts from snowfall during the storm on January 7 and January 8.

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It's about to get pretty messy as a "weather bomb" could be heading for Canada and bringing possible blizzard conditions to a bunch of provinces.

According to a new forecast from The Weather Network, there could be heavy snow, high winds and blizzard conditions in Atlantic Canada from Friday, January 7, through Saturday, January 8, thanks to a "nor'easter" system.

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According to The Weather Network (TWN), the start of the new year is bringing with it some flip-flopping weather and Canadians can expect some "major pattern upheavals" throughout the month.

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