This Canada Winter Forecast Says The Country Is About To Fight A Frigid Temperature Battle

Some provinces will have it frostier than others. 🥶

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This Canada Winter Forecast Says The Country Is About To Fight A Frigid Temperature Battle

If you don't like the cold, this will probably be tough to read! A new Canada winter forecast has predicted that this season will be a battle between frigid and mild temperatures with most of the country experiencing frosty weather.

The Weather Network has released a sneak peek of its winter forecast and it's expected that a major pattern reversal will happen near the end of November and then dominate in December, bringing above-seasonal temperatures to the west and cold to the east.

It's quite possible that eastern parts of the country will see the arrival of a wintery pattern leading up to the holidays that hasn't been the norm in recent years.

Come the new year, the freezing battle between west and east truly begins, and there are two scenarios that could play out in January and February.

In the first scenario, temperatures would be below seasonal from B.C. to Central Ontario, normal for Southern Ontario and Quebec, and then above seasonal for Atlantic Canada. An active storm track in Southern Ontario and Quebec would bring frequent messy systems with "an abundance of snow and ice" but no consistent severe cold to those areas.

In the other scenario, temperatures would be below seasonal from B.C. to Manitoba and above seasonal in Southern Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada. The storm track would move through Northern or Central Ontario with very snowy weather to the west of there, while "extended periods of very mild weather" move into Southern Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

The Weather Network has predicted that both could happen for parts of the season but it's too early to tell which pattern will dominate winter in the new year!

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