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Canada's Weather Is About To Get Freezing As A 'Reservoir Of Cold Air' From The Arctic Spreads

Get ready for that cold, frigid air! 🥶

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Canada's Weather Is About To Get Freezing As A 'Reservoir Of Cold Air' From The Arctic Spreads

It's time to get ready because Canada's weather is about to get absolutely frigid due to a "reservoir of cold air" in the Arctic that is going to spread across the country.

The Weather Network has revealed that the reservoir in Canada's north has taken a while to cool down, which delayed true winter cold because the region was dealing with a temperature fever in the past few weeks.

That pattern is about to change though because the cold that's been building up there has reached the point where it will spread down and blanket the rest of the country.

The cold snap will reach the Prairies first, with temperatures below zero and wind chill making it feel more like -20 in many places starting on November 21.

In the week following that, the icy weather will stay in the Prairies for a few days before moving east and bringing freezing temperatures to Ontario and Quebec. According to The Weather Network, it's going to be "uncomfortably cold."

Since the Great Lakes are mostly unfrozen, the combination of frigid air, bone-chilling winds and open water will likely result in rounds of lake-effect snow squalls that will stick around for a while in Ontario.

This might be a taste of what's to come when winter officially arrives because a month-by-month forecast is calling for major snowstorms to bury almost every province at some point during the season, with snowfalls totalling 20, 45 and even 60 centimetres!

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