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Canada's Latest Winter Forecast Just Dropped & We're In For 'Weather Whiplash'

One region will experience frigid conditions, while others are in for toasty temps! 🥶🥵👇

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Canada's Latest Winter Forecast Just Dropped & We're In For 'Weather Whiplash'

If you’ve been feeling prepared for the upcoming season, think again! Canada’s latest winter weather forecast has warned that we’re in for a "winter weather whiplash" and temperatures are going to be turbulent. Eek!

On Monday, November 29, The Weather Network shared its official predictions for the upcoming season, which includes December, January and February.

It’s bad news for anybody dreaming of a little consistency, as the experts are forecasting a "come-and-go winter for much of the country, with periods of high-impact weather for the season ahead."

TWN warns that a "tumultuous temperature pattern" will result in high impact winter weather across parts of the country, interrupted by unseasonably warm spells.

In western Canada in particular, the frigid conditions will "out-dual" the toastier temps, particularly during January and February, although residents of eastern Canada can expect the milder periods to take precedence.

In Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes, consistent winter weather is expected for several weeks from the week before Christmas and into the New Year.

There's bad news for western Canada locals during "the heart of the winter season" too, as the region will take the impact of the frigid weather, while eastern Canada experiences mild conditions instead.

For at least part of the time, the warmer temps will dominate out east, resulting in an extended thaw across southern parts of the region, which the TWN says will "seemingly 'wipe away' winter."

However, residents of southern and eastern Canada can't relax, as the freezing weather from western and central parts of the country will attempt to spread, creating a "battleground between the Arctic air to the north and the very mild air to the south, that would extend from southern Ontario to the Maritimes."

This scenario will bring "high-impact winter weather," as well as "messy systems tracking across the region."

It’s going to be stormy too, as a La Niña weather pattern in the Pacific Ocean will keep supporting an active storm track across southern Canada.

This will bring more rain AND snow for southern parts of B.C., Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. In some spots, winter storms will include a messy mix of rain, ice and snow, despite the temperate conditions.

Good luck, Canada. Wrap up!

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