BC's November Weather Forecast Is An Absolute Mess & These Areas Get Their First Snowfall

After a dreadful October, the weather doesn't look set to improve across B.C. in November, according to the Farmer's Almanac's long-range forecast.

The average temperature across Southern B.C is expected to sit at a chilling 6 degrees, but it's predicted that there will be even more precipitation than in October, which could be snow or rain.

November 1-6 is predicted to be the calm before more storms. The Farmers Almanac is forecasting a showery but mild week before the rain returns for most areas during the week of November 7-18.

Then, the region is expected to get its first taste of nice weather in weeks. From November 19-25, it is predicted to be cool but sunny.

November ends on a wintry note as coastal areas experience more rainfall, while there will be snow for inland areas. It would be the first snowfall of the season for lower altitude inland areas of the province.

Many higher terrain areas, including the ski resorts have already received their first snowfall of the season in a brutal storm, which hit over the Thanksgiving weekend.

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Rachel Modestino | The Weather Network, @ministryoftranbc | Instagram

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