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The Government Warns That You Could Get Stuck Outside Of Canada If You Leave The Country

Canada is warning against essential travel!

The federal government continues to advise Canadians against any non-essential travel outside of the country

In a news release issued on Tuesday, December 29, the Government of Canada issued a reminder that returning to the country and failing to follow mandatory quarantine orders can lead to very serious penalties. 

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Those who choose to travel may be forced to remain outside of Canada longer than expected. Government of Canada

The federal government added that other countries may add restrictions without warning.

As the country can't control the restrictions that other governments put in place, there's a chance that Canadian travellers could have difficulty returning home in the event of unforeseen changes. 

The news release says that the True North's current border measures are working.

"Travel volumes are down 90% at airports compared to the previous year and only around 2% of all known COVID-19 cases in Canada have originated from travel outside the country," it continues. 

The release also says that the current 14-day mandatory quarantine for most incoming travellers makes it the country with some of the strongest measures in the world. 

While law enforcement has had to intervene over 40,000 times since March, most travellers have complied and only a few dozen warnings, tickets, and charges have been dished out. 

While the news release urged Canadians not to travel unless it is completely essential, the main message is to obey the laws upon your return if and when you do travel

"There are no reasons not to respect this mandatory requirement," said health minister Patty Hajdu in the release.

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