A Magical TikTok Shows How To Order A Butterbeer Blizzard From DQ's Secret Menu

Calling all Harry Potter fans :rotating_light:

TikTok Dairy Queen Hack Shows How To Make A Butterbeer Blizzard  

TikTok is home to some of the best secret menu tips, and the latest hack for ordering a "Butter Beer Blizzard" from Dairy Queen is pure magic.

TikTok user @thedairyqueenking, a self-described "DQ influencer," posted a trick for getting your very own Harry-Potter-inspired treat.


Calling all Harry Potter fans!! Butter Beer Blizzard!! how to order in comments :) #dairyqueen #harrypotter #harrypottertiktok #fyp #foryou #booktok

It all starts with vanilla ice cream, followed by a generous squirt of butterscotch syrup and vanilla syrup and some Butterfinger bits for a little texture and crunch. It's then mixed all together and finished with whipped topping.

The video has over seven million views. The user's page features all kinds of other fun DQ hacks, like how to order a "Blended Brownie Shake" or an "Oreo Peanut Butter Pie Blizzard."

If you do want to order the Harry Potter treat, thedairyqueenking has this advice: "You can't go to Dairy Queen and ask for a 'butter beer blizzard' you have to ask for the ingredients for them to make it! And usually they will."

Sarah Rohoman
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