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There are some foods that are just inherently Canadian — things like butter tarts, poutine and Tim Hortons, of course. But are some Canadian foods better than others?

People on Reddit are sharing what they think the "worst Canadian food" is, and commenters got real about some Canadian classics.

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Canada is one big country, and growing up on the East Coast, my favourite Canadian snacks were things that my Ontarian and British Columbian friends have never even heard of.

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This British person's reaction to a Canadian grocery store on TikTok is hilarious, showing just how different the Canadian snack options — and prices — are to the U.K.

A TikToker, who moved from the U.K. to B.C., had a friend visit and they hit up a Canadian grocery store together. It was the visitor's first time in a grocery store in the Great White North and her reaction did not disappoint.

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Christmas is coming - it's practically here - and if you're looking for a fun way to count down to Christmas Day there are local advent calendars in Ottawa you can buy.

If you're looking to try something unique this December, you can switch up your countdown treats with these Ottawa options.

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