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Many of us love to go all out for Halloween and get into character for the spooky night, but what happens when part of your costume refuses to come off?

In a TikTok video that's gone viral, Elizabeth Rose said she applied a temporary skeleton tattoo on her face for Halloween and the next day she couldn't get it off no matter how hard she tried.

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Happy "Friday Jr." — Andrew from Narcity here. ☕

Off The Top: An Australian woman was allegedly forced to crawl off a Jetstar plane after being refused a wheelchair unless she paid an additional fee — a heinous scenario that still sounds slightly preferable to waiting on hold for three hours just to get reamed out by a rude Air Canada rep.

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From a cowgirl to a cheerleader, Pornhub released its list of the hottest Halloween costume searches of 2022 and while some of them are understandable, others may surprise you.

The Pornhub Insights team analyzed millions of searches during October to see what costumes turned people on and Tatiana Maslany's mean and green She-Hulk seems to really be doing it for people.

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While this year's Halloween was probably nothing out of the order for most Canadians, for one newcomer to the country it was something special.

Over on TikTok, the account @makhnachov run by Andrian Makhnachov currently has just under 200,000 followers where he shows what his life in Canada is like after coming here as a refugee from Ukraine.

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Halloween just ended and while many of us are still trying to get through all the leftover candy, others are already preparing for Christmas. We're looking at you Mariah Carey!

That's right, the All I Want For Christmas singer isn't wasting any time getting into the holiday spirit.

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