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This TikTok Reveals One Of The 'Biggest Ice Cream Hacks' At Dairy Queen & Honestly, Yum

So. Much. Chocolate. 🤤

This TikTok Reveals One Of The 'Biggest Ice Cream Hacks' At Dairy Queen & Honestly, Yum

Calling all ice cream lovers! A TikToker just revealed an epic hack that will get you some extra chocolatey goodness at Dairy Queen, and we're lowkey salivating.

TikTok user @dqmilliken, who works at a DQ in Markham, Ontario, shares tons of delicious-looking tips and tricks you can try at the ice cream chain, but this secret on how to get extra dip will tickle the heart of chocolate fanatics.

"One of the biggest ice cream hacks at Dairy Queen is if you love the shell, just ask for it in a cup and they have to pour a ton of it on there and it fills up the cup and you get so much extra chocolate shell," they say in the video.


The more chocolate cone dip the better 🍦🍫 #dairyqueen #icecream #dq #sundae #PizzaPersonalities #toronto #canada #conedip #lifehack

"If you think about it, when the cone is dipped in there it only coats the ice cream that’s on the cone," they shared. "But if you pour it over top, it fills up all that edge of the cup."

"I’ve said this before and for some reason, people don’t believe me," they said about the trick.

But this gem isn't the only ice cream hack making the rounds on social media. TikTok user @thedairyqueenking, a self-described "DQ influencer," shared how you can order a "Butter Beer Blizzard" that honestly sounds like pure magic.


Calling all Harry Potter fans!! Butter Beer Blizzard!! how to order in comments :) #dairyqueen #harrypotter #harrypottertiktok #fyp #foryou #booktok

The Harry Potter-inspired treat starts with vanilla ice cream followed by a squirt of butterscotch syrup, vanilla syrup and a sprinkling of Butterfinger bits to add some texture. It's then mixed all together and finished with whipped topping.

So there's something out there for both chocolate and vanilla lovers!

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