5 Super Cheap Dollarama Home Hacks From TikTok That You'll Wish You'd Known Forever

Fancy, but make it budget!

5 Super Cheap Dollarama Home Hacks From TikTok That You'll Wish You'd Known Forever

Thrifty shoppers already know that Dollarama has some serious steals and discounts (including on brand name items!) but did you know you can give your space a serious glow-up for just a couple of bucks?

Whether you're looking to up your plant game or add a bit of glam to your life, TikTok has so many DIY Dollarama tutorials that'll show you how to make some easy upgrades.

For instance, why spend $30 or more on a fancy vase when you could make it yourself at home?

TikTok user Anmol (@anmolnoorr) showed how to create this super elegant piece without breaking the bank. They applied pearl-like stickers all over a vase before spraying it white and the end result looks like something that belongs in a magazine.


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And if you're a plant parent, Colleen Pastoor (@colleenpastor) shared this easy way to propagate your plant children in a super pretty and funky way.

"I love a good dollar store hack," she says. "So if you're in Canada, run your little butt to Dollarama and get one of these test tube vases."

She explained that they can be found in the craft section, and instead of putting flowers inside, she spray-paints the wood black and uses it as a "propagation station."

"Plant lovers, where you at?" she says. "These things are $25 or $30 at the plant store. This was $2."


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And if you're in need of some extra storage but don't want to shell out for pricey shelving, you can try this pretty trick from Nysha Murray (@heyitsnysh).

She purchased a $4 crate that she spray-painted black to match the aesthetic of her room, hung it on a wall, and then placed a $3 tumbler in it that she used as a pot for a cute little succulent.


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And @busy.momm showed this ingenious way to store her kids' toy cars, but it would also totally work for other things, like nail polish or figurines.

She took a few bamboo drawer organizers, which each cost $4, painted them a pretty blue, figured out how she wanted them laid out, and then affixed them to her wall. Easy-peasy!


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And if you're in a pinch and need a patio table, Kristen Lannon (@kristenlannon) showed how you can create one for just $7.

She inverted a laundry basket, hot glued a a tray to it, and just like that, you have a sturdy piece for your sangria and snacks. She wound some fairy lights around it for extra cuteness.

You could also totally spraypaint the whole thing to make it match your stuff!


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So cute and so, so easy!

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