5 Super Cheap Dollarama Hacks From TikTok That'll Help You Organize Your Whole Life (VIDEOS)

Keep the chaos away, without spending a fortune!

5 Super Cheap Dollarama Hacks From TikTok That'll Help You Organize Your Whole Life (VIDEOS)

Shoppers who like to keep an eye on their wallets probably already know that Dollarama has some seriously good prices, but did you know you can organize some of the messiest places in your house for just a couple of bucks?

Whether you're dealing with that one drawer that's in constant chaos or looking for an easy way to add some storage, TikTok has so many Dollarama ideas that'll set you straight in no time.

If you have a bunch of loose batteries rolling around somewhere or a bunch of different packs that are open, try this hack from TikTok user @simplytidy.

They take a box meant for craft or sewing supplies and instead organize their various batteries by type, which leads to a pretty satisfying end result.


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Another TikToker, @ashdxo, shared this method to keep your pots and pans from stacking up into a precarious pile that'll crash when you're trying to grab your frying pan.

They took a vertical organizer, put it in a drawer and then stacked their cooking dishes, which makes it easy to spot what you're looking for and pull it out with no fuss. So simple, yet so effective!


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If you're the type of person who loses their hair ties all around the house, @freebirdamanda has an easy way for you to keep track of all of your elusive scrunchies.

They bought a vertical paper towel holder from Dollarama and used it as a tool to stack their scrunchies on. Easy-peasy!


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That's not all, either. TikToker @organizemychaos has shared some pretty genius ways to use a magazine folder that will allow you to store all kinds of bits and bobs.

You could use it to store your coffee pods, which you can then slide in right beside your coffee maker. You can also use it to store wax paper, aluminum, sandwich bags and more beneath your sink as an easy way to declutter.


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For the ultimate satisfying glow-up, try out @baiti_ana's method for keeping their fridge organized AF.

They picked up a few bins from the Dollarama which they used to sort items, so everything in their fridge has a proper home and is easy to spot.


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Happy organizing, folks!

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