5 Super Cheap Dollarama Kitchen Hacks From TikTok That You'll Wish You'd Known Forever

You don't need to spend a fortune!

5 Super Cheap Dollarama Kitchen Hacks From TikTok That You'll Wish You'd Known Forever

Those who shop on a budget already know that Dollarama has some serious steals and discounts and when you combine that with TikTok, you get some smart hacks on how to organize and upgrade your kitchen.

Whether you're looking to fix up the pantry shelf that drives you crazy or level up the aesthetic of the room, TikTok has so many ideas to help you make the most of your space.

TikToker @lizfenwickdiy showed off the easy way she brought some order to her spice cabinet. After taking out all of her bottles, she gave everything a good wipe before neatly organizing everything into small bins from the dollar store which are easy to take out and look through to find what ingredient you want for your dish.

She also made use of a small rotating tray for certain herbs to easily spin it around and grab what she needs.


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And @mysterygirl.asma showed off a similar technique, but this one is to "maximize space in your refrigerator."

She picked up a few stackable containers that actually lock together when you twist them, which will prevent them from toppling out of the door of your fridge door when you open it.


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And @thediymommy shared her budget-friendly ways to keep everything organized in her kitchen.

She used medium-sized baskets to keep all of the lids of her containers neatly grouped together. She also showed how she used sticky hooks to create a spot for bags, measuring cups, and anything that can be hung up.

To keep her fridge from getting chaotic, she took clear bins and put cute labels on them like "leftovers" and "snacks" so you know exactly where to reach for when you need something.

Another clever hack she utilizes is taking over-the-door storage holders and putting them on the inside of her cupboards to maximize the amount of space for storage.


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If you want to get yourself some pretty marble countertops without shelling out big bucks, @amidstthechaos shared the easy and relatively cheap way she made her kitchen look fancy.

She picked up a couple of rolls of self-adhering marble drawer liner at Dollarama and used it instead to cover her scratched-up counters. It's renter-friendly too, so all you need to do is peel it off if you decide to move!


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And if you want to create a cute little sign, @daniellemeders shared a fun way to do a little DIY with bits from the dollar store.

She took three cutting boards, spray painted them black, then spray-painted the letters E, A, and T in white. After affixing the letters to her cutting boards, she wrapped some twine around the handles and hung it above her stove.


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