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This Dollarama 'Organization Hack' Will Legit Help You Tame The Chaos In Your Fridge (VIDEO)

"My kids call it the 'fridge smorgasbord.'"

TikToker ​kelitaroutledge showing her Dollarama fridge organization hack.

TikToker kelitaroutledge showing her Dollarama fridge organization hack.


If the chaos in your fridge is approaching unacceptable levels, one mom's TikTok Dollarama organization hack might just be your saviour.

A Canadian deal-lover named Kelita (@kelitaroutledge) recently shared her find.

"I found the best fridge organization hack and I had to run to Dollarama to find the containers," the TikToker shared, with footage showing just that.

She picked up six Snaptite "clip and lock" containers from the dollar store for $4 each before taking them home and giving them all a good wash.

Kelita then shared all the fun snacks she put in them.

"Cheese strings fit great in these containers," she explained.

She also put some pre-chopped cucumber coins into another container and put some whole cucumbers in a separate one, as her kids have different cucumber-consuming preferences.

"I peeled and cut some carrots into carrot sticks to go into another container," she said, before showing her kids' favourite item.

After peeling and slicing six apples, she tossed them in cinnamon and put them in the handy Dollarama item.

"The cinnamon makes them taste like apple pie and it keeps the apples from browning," Kelita shared.

She then showed off the final product of all her organization, with all of the containers neatly lined up in the door of her fridge.

"My kids call it the 'fridge smorgasbord,'" she said of her creation.



Mom buys cute containers and kids start eating fruits and vegetables. 👌🏻 #dollarama #dollaramacanada #dollaramafinds #fridgeorganization #fridge #hack #organization #clearcontainers #foodprep #kidfriendly

Over in the comments, many chimed in with their own helpful suggestions to make snack time even more delightful.

"Put your carrots in water," suggested one user. "They’ll last weeks."

"Fold a paper towel at the bottom of the cucumber container - keeps them dry and no slime," said another.

Someone recommended another way to use the item.

"I have the same containers, but smaller version," a TikToker wrote. "I keep my spices and sugar in it. [You] can also stack them on top of the other."

While you're picking up storage items at Dollarama, you can also pick up aesthetic products for your kitchen recommended by another TikToker that'll low-key bring the whole room together.

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