A TikToker Showed Off The Dollarama Products In Her Kitchen & It's So Aesthetic (VIDEOS)

"Dollarama strikes again."

Glass containers from Dollarama. Right: A tray storage item.

Glass containers from Dollarama. Right: A tray storage item.

If the price of just about everything has you bummed, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that not only does Dolllarama have useful kitchen items, but some of them are very aesthetically pleasing.

Over on TikTok, content creator @alexandra_reynoldss shared some of the products she picked up from the Canadian dollar store that are either useful, pretty, or a combination of the two.

"Welcome to the side of TikTok where we stan Dollarama," she said of her first video where she first showed off some glass storage containers with sugar, baking soda and corn starch that she had affixed labels to.

Next up were an "aesthetic" spatula and whisk, with the former having a speckled body and the latter boasting a wooden handle.

If you're trying to be a friend to the environment and ditch single-use plastics, Alexandra displayed some glass straws she picked up at the store.

And if you're tired of everything getting jumbled up in that one drawer where chaos reigns supreme, she showed off some plastic containers that'll keep everything firmly in their place, as well as plastic organizers for her pantry.


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In her second video, which she captioned, "Dollarama strikes again," Alexandra first showed a metal organizing rack which allowed her to vertically store her various trays and cutting boards.

She then shared her Scrub Mommy, which is basically a happy face that helps you clean your dishes, metal tongs, a spatula that says "Life Is Short - Mix It up," a bag clip to keep your products fresh and some mesh strainers.

If you're short on space, you could try out the metal shelf for cupboards she has that'll allow you to utilize more of the area to store more items.

And lastly, she shared her Betty Crocker bakeware which she says "will last forever."


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Alexandra isn't alone in her love of Betty Crocker items from Dollarama.

On a recent Reddit thread, someone asked, "What's actually worth buying at Dollarama?" and the brand got quite a few mentions!

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Sarah Rohoman
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