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13 Super Random Things From Dollarama You Probably Had No Idea You Could Buy (PHOTOS)

A Baby Yoda Pyrex? Yes, please!

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The exterior of a Dollarama.

The exterior of a Dollarama.

If you love a good deal, Canada's own Dollarama is the place to check out for the best prices on some super cute and useful items.

Apart from everyday staples like snacks and toiletry items, the popular retailer also has quite a few random things that you maybe wouldn't expect them to keep in stock.

From ring lights to poop mugs, here are some of the more unexpected things you may be able to pick up at a Dollarama location near you!

A Baby Yoda Pyrex

There's no doubt that good food storage is key for most kitchens, but who says it has to be boring?

Next time you have leftovers, store them in this cute container featuring Grogu, the various critters he likes to eat, and the words "protect," "attack," and "snack," which is truly a mood.

A "cherry-go-round"'

This incredibly unique item will take the pits out of your cherries while also doubling as a fun piece to have out on your kitchen counter.

A light ring

If you're trying to look a little more put-together during work calls while WFH, this LED light is a great option to bring some life to your face if the camera makes you look washed out.

Or you could get started on that YouTube channel you've been dreaming of!

A Peanuts cutting board

Maybe some people like those fancy wooden cutting boards, but how cute is this board featuring the adorably bossy Lucy?

As well, the four-pack of boards are flexible and lightweight, so you can easily transfer things like chopped onions to your pan.

A flask

Because it's always five o'clock somewhere!

Add your favourite spirit to this stainless steel bad boy and you'll be ready to turn mocktails into cocktails easily — or just sip straight from the flask, we're not judging.

A reusable "Star Wars" bag

We all know single-use plastics are bad for the environment, so you can keep your sandwich looking cute and Mother Nature happy with this reusable silicone storage bag.

It's dishwasher safe, which is always a bonus!

These flipflops

Look, I'm not sure what's going on here, but you have to admit these faux-grass slippers are a statement piece!

They might be a good present for those who long to hold on to summer during Canadian winters, as they could double as house slippers during the cold months.

A sh*tty mug

And if you need your morning cup of coffee to get you, ahem, going, this cute lil' poop mug might be perfect for you.

An updated version of Jane Eyre

If you're not a huge classic literature, this retelling of Jane Eyre complete with illustrations might be an interesting way into the genre.

Spoiler alert: the original book has some wild twists and turns (a wife locked in the attic!) so this could make for an interesting summer read.

Pokémon cards

You can add onto your Pokémon card collection from the '90s with this random mix of three premium cards that says it contains "holos and rares."

Gotta catch 'em all!

A pool floatie

Given that these flotation devices usually get pretty pricey at other retailers, you might be surprised you can buy this cute "jumbo" swan for just $4.

A shape-wear slip

Why spend big bucks on Kim Kardashian's SKIMS when you can try out a much cheaper version first?

A face suction device

Given that you usually have to get a facial to have someone suck the gunk out of your pores, you might also be surprised to find a relatively affordable option that'll let you do the task yourself.

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