These Are The 'Best Kept Secret Items' To Buy At Dollarama, According To Shoppers

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A Dollarama store.

A Dollarama store.

With prices in Canada continuing to rise due to inflation, finding good deals is a great way to stretch your budget and Dollarama is full of them.

Over on Reddit, u/aceBing asked, "What are the best kept secret items to buy at Dollarama?" and the people of the internet delivered.

"Not exactly secret, but pregnancy tests for a buck or two are a steal," one person wrote.

"They’re regulated by Health Canada, so they HAVE to work and be legit. Drugstore brands go for $10 and up, so if you’re trying to conceive and regularly need a bunch, Dollarama is where it’s at."

Another user helpfully broke down the cost of Dollarama items in comparison to other big box stores.

"Space saver vacuum seal bags for clothing storage = $1.25 each (24 for $30). These are 6 for $25 at Walmart," they explained. "Great for storing away your seasonal clothing such as puffy winter coats without taking up much space."

If you're prone to messes, you'll want to check out the "Cheap Goo Gone" dupe too.

"They have one for $1.25 and it comes with a scraper tool as well. Goo Gone usually costs $20 at Walmart," a shopper revealed.

As well, they shared that you can get eight felt protectors for the feet of furniture for just $1.

"These things are CRAZY expensive at Walmart or Homedepot," they said. "A set is $10 to $12.99 depending on size!"

In terms of personal care products, people recommend the Live Clean shampoo and conditioner, Old Spice deodorant, Batiste dry shampoo and Wet Brush brand hairbrushes.

"Sunscreen!" one person recommended. "Picked up Neutrogena Ultrasheer and HydroBoost sunscreens for $4 with expiry 2022. I’ve seen Aveeno sunscreens in-store as well. Best find was an Aveda hairbrush for $4.

There was also a whole thread about "the sack of popcorn with the weird clown for $3."

"It tastes just like movie popcorn heated or not. My faaaaavourite," someone commented.

"Omg the BEST popcorn! I get this all of the time," chimed in another user.

If you're into crafting, maybe hit up Dollarama first before going to the pricier store.

"Also arts and crafts materials, paints, brushes, canvas all that kind of thing a steal compare to Michaels or Staples," said one user.

That being said, someone did mention one thing you shouldn't pick up at Dollarama:

"Do not get: full size towels. Those things are tiny," the user explained. "I bought one to sit on at the park and feel like I'm sitting on a face cloth sometimes."

If the rising costs of groceries and, well, pretty much everything has you shook, Narcity recently spoke with Lisa Hannam, the Executive Editor of to find out how to "recession-proof" your life.

"Saving about 3 to 6 or even 12 months of expenses is a great strategy to be able to handle a job loss, medical leave, increase in non-discretionary expenses (housing, groceries, etc.), and so on," she recommended.

As well, Hannam advises to not let the economy force your hand.

"Don’t panic and make short-sighted changes to your financial situation," she said.

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