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5 Cheap Dollarama Bathroom Hacks From TikTok That'll Help You Organize Your Space (VIDEOS)

Bye-bye, cluttered counters!

5 Cheap Dollarama Bathroom Hacks From TikTok That'll Help You Organize Your Space (VIDEOS)

Attention, all owners of messy bathrooms! It is possible to keep your bathroom organized, and these TikTok videos featuring Dollarama products will finally help you achieve some order.

From cluttered countertops to messy drawers, the social media site has so many tips and tricks to keep the chaos at bay that won't cost you a fortune.

TikTok user @organization_junkie shared a bunch of Dollarama items that'll keep all of the nooks and crannies of your space tidy, like a shower caddy that can suction into a corner as a home for all of your products. You can also use a caddy that goes over the showerhead if that works better for your space!

She also showed off an expandable bathtub tray for you to rest your goodies on while having a nice long soak.


Bathroom organization finds for cheap! #dollarama #dollaramafinds #dollaramacanada #homesweethome #bathroom #organize

The same account also showed a neat way to store and show off your bath products. Instead of stashing them under the sink, she used a glass jar to house their bath bombs, which is both aesthetically pleasing and lets you get a whiff of their smell every time you step into the room.

She also showed how you can use simple glass jars to store bath salts, which also look pretty sitting on the counter rather than in unsightly bags.


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And @storyofcait shared the easiest way to upgrade your bathroom counter without spending hundreds on new marble.

She cut out some self-adhering faux marble paper into the shape she needed, applied it to her counter, and voila!


Dollar Tree Hack - Bathroom Counter Top!!! #diy #dollartree #easydiy #slayit #bathroom #simple #hacks

And @vidssbyjess showed how to get some order into that one drawer that looks like a nightmare.

The key to this is getting little organizational containers to put inside of your drawers so nothing gets cluttered or mixed up. The before-and-after images are so pleasing!


bathroom organization✨✨ #dollartree #dollartreeorganization #dollartreediy #dollartreehack #vidssbyjess #YasClean #bathroomorganization #bathroom

And if you've got a million half-used products all over your surfaces, this trick from @sarahlohman13 shows you how to capitalize on vertical space.

With a little bucket and an adhesive hook, you can store things like cotton swabs, flossers, makeup pads and all sorts of things on your wall. It looks super cute, too!


Cheap and Simple Dollar Tree Bathroom DIY Part 1 #dollartree #hygienetips #diy #bathroommakeover

Happy organizing!

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