A TikToker Exposed A Cheating Man's Tinder Account & Toronto Is Looking For His Girlfriend


A TikToker Exposed A Cheating Man's Tinder Account & Toronto Is Looking For His Girlfriend
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Calling all girls in Toronto with a boyfriend named Matthew: he might be cheating on you, and TikTok has the receipts.

Toronto TikToker Amber Dogar recently posted a video showing the Tinder profile of a man named Matthew, and he explicitly writes that he's on the app despite having a girlfriend.

His bio reads, "Looking for a discrete partner in crime. Yeah, I'm in a relationship. Doing a bad thing, but life is short. Let's give each other something to do on a Friday night."


@Tinder we do not claim this energy #toronto

In the video, Dogar appeals to the women of Toronto to help find Matt's girlfriend and set her free from her cheating man.

"So girlies, let's all come together and try and find his girlfriend so she can break up with him," said Dogar in the video.

The guy seemingly tried to cover his tracks by strategically posting photos that didn't show his face, but he wasn't as bright as he thought. He posted mirror selfies in which you can see a photo of someone — presumably his girlfriend — in the back of his phone case.

"Here's his other photo with a polaroid that's a bit clearer," said the TikToker. "So if that's you, you have a man to dump."

The profile also showed other details about Matthew, including that he's 25, went to the University of Toronto and works in finance.

Since the video went up, it has gained over 300,000 views and has even gotten the attention of some verified brand accounts.

Durex Canada commented, "🚩🚩🚩," and honestly, nothing much else needs to be said. This man is a walking red flag.

DavidsTea also left a comment asking the TikToker to "spill the tea bestie."

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