This Ontario TikToker Is Catching Cheaters In The Act & Here's How She Does It (VIDEO)

Her "loyalty tests" are airing all kinds of dirty laundry. 💔

This Ontario TikToker Is Catching Cheaters In The Act & Here's How She Does It (VIDEO)
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Cheaters beware — an Ontario TikToker is making it her mission to expose disloyal partners, and she's spilling all the tea.

Ottawa resident and TikToker Emma MacDonald has taken it upon herself to help suspecting people in relationships find out if their partner is likely to cheat by conducting "loyalty tests" via Instagram.

Narcity sat down with her to get the scoop on how it started, what the process is like and what the most scandalous outcomes have been.


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MacDonald said the whole thing started when an acquaintance reached out with an odd request.

"A girl DM'd me, we weren't super close friends, but we had mutuals on social media, and she asked me if I would be willing to DM her boyfriend, and just see if he was cheating on her," Emma explained. "I said, sure, why not? I messaged her boyfriend. He didn't know that she and I knew each other, but he totally fell for it."

She posted a video to TikTok about it, and then things kind of snowballed from there.

"I get roughly 80 to 100 DMs per day," MacDonald shared, most of which are for loyalty tests, and while she can't respond to every request, she has some rules for the ones she does take on.

"I send a really long paragraph [explaining] these are the rules of the loyalty test, this is what I expect from you, this is what you should expect from me. One of the questions [says] it's not mandatory to pay me but I do appreciate it," she said.

"The most I've ever gotten off of one was $100. [...] I actually did a refund her half of it just because I said, 'This is too much, I'm not accepting this.' So $50, technically, is what I made off of that. But usually, the average is about $10," she added.


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So what are her most scandalous stories? Well, MacDonald said she discovered one guy was not only willing to cheat but actually had a fiancée his girlfriend knew nothing about. Another one made plans with her despite being in a long-distance relationship and actually confessed that he was planning to break up with his girlfriend when he saw her next.

Of course, this kind of passion project doesn't come without its drawbacks. MacDonald said she was spotted by one of her targets while shopping in Ottawa and it got heated.

"I was walking around Rideau Centre with my friend, and the guy saw me there and completely called me out. Like right in Rideau Centre started yelling from across the mall and was like, 'Emma, f*** you, you ruined my relationship!' And I'm just looking around like, 'Oh my God, what is going on?'" she recounted. "But that was definitely very scary. I actually cried in the Rideau Centre bathroom afterward."

Although her loyalty tests may have made her some enemies, MacDonald said she's made a few friends along the way, too — and there are plenty of decent people out there who she said also passed the test with flying colours. Phew!

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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