A TikToker Is Roasting Dating Profiles Of Men In BC & People Can Totally Relate To It

She doesn't hold back!

A TikToker Is Roasting Dating Profiles Of Men In BC & People Can Totally Relate To It
Western Canada Editor

A woman has been roasting the dating profiles of men in B.C. on her TikTok account — and the comments on her video show a common theme.

Sherri Dru has amassed thousands of followers on TikTok and Instagram for her scalding reviews of men's dating profiles across Alberta. Now, she's expanded her targets to men in B.C.

The 41-year-old from Edmonton has been using Facebook Dating and Hinge for 12 months and she told Narcity she's "just here trying to find love" and "this is what the universe is giving me."


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Troy, 46, claims to be looking for "someone lively and kind with a great attitude and big juicy DD set of wits."

However, after seeing his "dealbreakers" Sherri said that his profile "started off pretty good and then took a turn."

His dealbreakers included kids, feminists and zero sense of humour, adding, "I know what I want, don't make it a thing."

Sherri then explores the profile of Keith, 42, who says the most interesting thing about himself is that he lives in Merritt.

Finally, 32-year-old Derek was in the firing line after posting a picture of a bear as his profile image. Sherri said: "I'm assuming he took this picture because it's not very good. But he is 6'1 so..."

In her videos, Sherri does not directly identify the man, hiding their profile picture, and it's probably a good thing too, since some of her reviews are pretty rough.

Her videos appear to be striking a chord with fellow TikTokers, too.

One replied, " You realize your posts are singlehandedly keeping me OFF of dating apps" and another said, "Yo, I'm from Dawson Creek, we're all deadbeats."

Others said her videos made them feel better about being single.

A TikToker replied, "I love this... strangely it makes me feel better about my current situation."

One person posted, "It's hard out here for B.C. girls" and another said, "These all make me super comfortable being single."

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