A Woman Is Calling Out Cringey Dating Profiles On TikTok & Men In Alberta Should Watch Out

A woman from Alberta is calling out "cursed dating profiles" that she spots during online dating — and she's starting with men in her hometown.

Sherri Dru, 41, from Edmonton, has been single for around one year and started documenting the profiles she sees on Facebook Dating and Hinge on November 19.

She told Narcity that the reaction she is getting to her videos is "wild" and that other women tell her they can relate to her online dating experiences.


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In her videos, Sherri shows the man's first name, age and bio. Her commentary is hilarious and she says she has enough material to keep posting "for years."

She said that she never includes any pictures or information which could directly identify the man.


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Friends told her not to do online dating because "it's horrible" but after 15 years of being in relationships, she was curious.

She said, "I'm sweet and innocent so I thought it can't be that bad...but it's actually worse.

"I am just here trying to find love and this is what the universe is giving me."

Despite poking fun at dozens of profiles so far, Sherri said her aim for the videos is to find some comedy in the world of online dating, which people have described to her as "doom and gloom."

She said, "The very first profile I make fun of is myself. I am not here to take down the men of Alberta - this is just what they are showing me!"

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