Canada Has A New Moose Sign & It's A Calgary TikToker That Made It Happen

Bye bye, frumpy moose! 👋

Vancouver Editor
Canada Has A New Moose Sign & It's A Calgary TikToker That Made It Happen

A TikTok star from Calgary named Chloë Chapdelaine redesigned the classic Canadian moose crossing sign when she was bored one day, and now it's going to be all over Canada.

Chapdelaine has risen to social media fame, with 297,800 followers on TikTok and 90,500 on Instagram. She posts travel, fashion and lifestyle content, and is based in Alberta.


Leaving home was the best decision I’ve ever made. #banff

She now has an entire highlight reel on her Instagram explaining the story of the moose sign.

In her Instagram highlight, she said that years ago she was living alone in the prairies working in a small farm town, and was taking digital design courses. Every day, she would drive to work, right past the frumpy-looking moose crossing sign, and didn't think it looked quite right.


I designed the Canadian Moose Crossing Sign!!! 🦌 #storytime

So she decided to redesign the sign and wrote an essay explaining why she thought a revamp of the sign was important. She sent it off to different government offices, but didn't hear back for years, she said.

Transportation Association of Canada

In the essay, she said that the moose wasn't being portrayed correctly, or in a "majestic light."

She heard back "two or three years later," she said.

By that time, she had switched from design to journalism as a career path, and found success on social media, but her proposal was accepted and would be used across Canada — replacing the "floppy" moose for good!

Sarah Wells, the Transportation Association of Canada's executive director, said in a statement that "Chloë’s contribution to the new Moose Crossing sign offers a more deserving representation of the moose, and its use on Canadian roads will give drivers a more accurate impression – and fair warning – of a possible approaching encounter"

You'll be able to see the new sign taking the place of the old one all over Canada in the coming years.

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