A Moose Charged A Guy In Alberta & He Had To Climb Up A Tree To Escape (VIDEO)

He was stuck up there for over 10 minutes!

The moose under the tree.

The moose under the tree.

A man in Alberta got more than he bargained for on his usual evening walk when a moose got fired up and decided to charge him.

Dave Meredith, from Red Deer, told Narcity that he was on the same walk around a lake that he takes daily, but this time when he turned the corner he was suddenly face-to-face with a moose.

Meredith quickly hid behind a tree and was debating getting his camera out to take some photos, but the moose had other ideas.

"He made eye contact with me and I quickly changed my mind," Meredith said.

Once it became clear the moose wasn't feeling particularly friendly, Meredith climbed the tree to stay out of the way.

And it's lucky he did because once he was up in the tree, the moose started charging. From the tree, Meredith was able to catch the incredible moment on video.

The moose can be seen running about and charging underneath the tree, and according to Meredith, his grumpy new friend was under the tree for about 10 minutes before he finally moved on.

Meredith waited until he thought the coast was clear to come down which, apparently, was the scariest part.

"Seeing how fast that animal could move, I was afraid of him catching up to me and finishing whatever his intentions were," Meredith said.

"If this thing does catch up to me, what do I do to protect myself? Do you poke it in the eyes? Punch it in the nose? Play dead? I had no idea," he said.

Luckily, Meredith was able to run home without seeing any sign of the moose again.

The Alberta Government specifically warns people to "run away as fast as you can and try to find a car, tree or building to hide behind," if they're charged by a moose.

"If the moose knocks you down before you reach safety, do not fight — curl up into a ball and cover your head," the government added.

So, if you do ever find yourself up close and personal with a moose, you might want to take a page out of Meredith's book.

Charlie Hart
Charlie Hart was a Travel Creator for Narcity Media focused on Canadian and global travel and is based in Calgary, Alberta.