This Guy On TikTok Takes You On The Wildest Adventures In BC & The Views Are Next Level

Some major inspo coming your way!

This Guy On TikTok Takes You On The Wildest Adventures In BC & The Views Are Next Level

B.C. is full of incredible adventures, and this one TikToker does just about all of them.

From epic hikes and floatplane rides to half marathons and camping on islands all alone, you get to see it all in his videos.

If you live in B.C., it gives you endless inspiration for your next surreal experience. If you live elsewhere in Canada, you still feel like you're right there with him.

It makes you feel the excitement of adventure, and even a bit of worry for him sometimes, when he does some of his adventures.

He starts every video with the question: "Do you want to come on an adventure with me?"

Sometimes he takes on huge adventures, like flying above waterfalls to reach secluded ice caves.


It’s not the size of the adventure, but rather how it makes you feel :) @mrbentley_thedog #vancouver

Then other times it's very doable things, like amazing hikes near Vancouver


I’ll be back to Summit the Mountain VERY SOON #Vancouver

There are always breathtaking views though.


Thank you @mrbentley_thedog I would go into ✨CRIPPLING DEBT✨ for you 💋 #vancouver #bestfriends

He almost always enjoys a cup of tea when he reaches his destination.


I forgot I usually walk away from the camera at the end, I panicked and threw you. #vancouver #sorry

It's the perfect way to discover things to do in B.C. if you love to get active and get the adrenaline pumping.


I felt like Frodo going on an adventure to hidden waterfalls. #vancouver #FidoBoostChallenge

Or you can just watch him do all the work to summit the mountain and still get the view.


Hot chicken stir-fry at 5,526ft? Thanks @stanleybrand #drinkstanley #vancouver #sponsor

You also get some pretty cool looks at wildlife.


Brought to you by seals, letters & cold peaches. Thanks @stanleybrand #builtforlife #sponsor #vancouver

And sometimes this cute little dog on a plane.


Magic Ice caves with my bestie @mrbentley_thedog #vancouver #frozen #icetea

The real question is, where will he take us next?

Before you get going, check out our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

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