This Emerald Green Swimming Spot In BC Has A Waterfall & It's Super Easy To Get To

It's a hidden oasis!

A girl swimming in the water. Right: A girl standing in front of a waterfall.​
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A girl swimming in the water. Right: A girl standing in front of a waterfall.

There is a seriously magical swimming spot hidden in B.C. and the water looks out of this world.

Finding this natural wonder will make for the perfect summer plans for you and your friends.

The emerald green oasis is located in Golden Ears Provincial Park, B.C and even has a stunning waterfall you can swim beside. Plus, there's no extreme hiking required to get there.

The closest parking lot to this swimming spot is the Gold Creek Parking Lot. From there, it's a 2.6-kilometre walk to get there, while following the Lower Falls Trail.

AllTrails rated the trail as easy — so no need to worry about working up a sweat.

It's only about a one-hour drive outside of Vancouver so it'll make a super easy adventurous day trip.

This place will leave you so happy with how refreshing and gorgeous the entire spot is — it truly provides all the views!

You could even float or paddleboard the entire day away here and let all your worries wash away.


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The water is stunning — but a little chilly.

Dogs are welcome too and they really seem to enjoy the marvellous scenery, just as much as their humans.

Your furry BFF might even want to take a dip in the green waters with you.

After a long day of swimming, you could even set up a tent in the camping areas nearby and not worry about having to drive home.

Camping reservations are accepted at Golden Ears Provincial Park so to avoid losing out on a site, make sure to book ahead.

Time to get out the summer itinerary, and add this spot in!

Golden Ears Provincial Park - Lower Falls Trail

Price: Free

Address: 24480 Fern Cres., Maple Ridge, BC

Why You Need To Go: The water is literally a stunning emerald green colour and the entire swimming spot is so unique like nothing seen before. It's an amazing hidden gem in B.C. and worth the short walk to go and see.


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