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7 Free Things To Do In BC When You Visit This Summer

All the fun of travelling, without all the cost.

A woman in Lussier Hot Springs. Right: A man walking past Cascade Falls.​

A woman in Lussier Hot Springs. Right: A man walking past Cascade Falls.

Staff Writer

If you are planning on travelling to B.C. anytime soon, you might want to jot down some notes on these free things to do when visiting the province.

The costs of travelling can add up quickly, so anything you can do that is fun and will save you a buck or two, is a good idea. Plus, most of these are close to Vancouver!

B.C. has tons of amazing and stunning spots to see in nature, and there are even some free events and attractions. What better time is there to adventure around the province than summer?

Hike Cascade Falls

The Cascade Falls hike is a very easy hike located in Mission, B.C. The hike is only 0.6-kilometres out and back, so non-advanced hikers can join in on the adventure too.

This hike will lead you straight to an extremely picturesque waterfall and of course, it is all free.


Play volleyball at Kitsilano Beach

Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver has a huge sandy beach area with tons of volleyball courts that are readily available for public use. It would the perfect free and fun summer activity to enjoy with friends this summer.

The courts are on a first come first serve basis, so if you don't want to get your hopes up — you might want to get there early.


Visit Lussier Hot Springs

The Lussier Hot Springs is located near Whiteswan Lake, B.C. There are four pools to use and they are perfect for any of those colder days.

Plus, these hot springs are all-natural and completely free to use.


Walk through Queen Elizabeth Park

The outdoor gardens of Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver are absolutely stunning and surprisingly, all free. You can see so many different types of trees and flowers including tons of different roses.

There are many different walkways and paths you can take through the park and it's dog friendly too.


Stroll through the Burnaby Village Museum

There is no cost to visit this museum located in Deer Lake Park, B.C. It's a great way to experience a free education all on the history of Burnaby.

This summer they will also be offering an immersive 1920s village experience.


Visit Granville Island

Granville Island in Vancouver is free and it's such a great area to explore. There are so many little shops to take a look at little trinkets and local artwork. Plus, there is a massive public market to wander around for hours if you want.


Watch the Honda Celebration of Light fireworks

On July 27, the Honda Celebration of Light will be setting off a ton of unique fireworks from English Bay, Vancouver. If you can snag a great view of the bay from a nearby beach or rooftop, you'll have a great free view of the show.


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