This Easy Hike In BC Takes Less Than 15 Minutes & Will Lead You To A Stunning Waterfall

Add this to your summer plans!

​A woman overlooking Cascade Falls. Right: Cascade Falls.
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A woman overlooking Cascade Falls. Right: Cascade Falls.

Among the many beautiful hikes in B.C., this one really stands out for its enchanting waterfall, which you can view from a suspension bridge.

The Cascade Falls are located in Mission, B.C., and it's a super easy trek to get to it. The hike is only 0.6-kilometres out and back, so even inexperienced hikers can join in on the adventure too.

According to Alltrails, the hike will only take roughly 12 minutes to complete, so there really is no excuse to not check this out soon.

Dogs are welcome on this hike too, they just must stay on a leash though.

You can gaze at this magnificent waterfall from the suspension bridge just right across from it. The entire site is quite picturesque, so you might want to have your camera ready when you reach this point of the trail.

Seriously, just look at how amazing this waterfall looks.

This hike is a unique, fun and easy one so you could probably convince all your friends to join in too. Plus, the hike is only just over an hour's drive away from the city of Vancouver.

The short drive would make this waterfall hike the perfect plan for a close-by, day trip away.

The website even mentioned that the best times to try out this hike are April through October, so this summer would be such a great time to visit.

So, start calling up all your friends and get to planning this easy hiking day trip away.

Cascade Falls

Address: Cascade Falls Regional Park, Mission, BC

Why You Need To Go: This is such an easy hike that will lead you to some incredible views — it's a no-brainer to check out this summer!


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