This Easy BC Hike Leads You Through A Rainforest To A Secret Waterfall & Sandy Beach

You can explore sea caves, too! 🌊

Person beside a waterfall. Right: Person walking out of a sea-cave.

Person beside a waterfall. Right: Person walking out of a seacave.

There are endless adventures to take this summer in B.C., but this hidden waterfall needs to be at the top of everyone's bucket lists.

It's just a short hike to get to this magical beach, but you have to venture through the lush rainforest on the way. The whole journey is breathtaking, and you'll get to explore a unique waterfall and some sea caves on the sandy shore.

All of these amazing things are on one Vancouver Island beach, with a very appropriate name — Mystic Beach.

It's located along the Juan de Fuca Trail, and the hike is not difficult.

According to Alltrails, it is a 2.1-kilometre out-and-back trail near Sooke.

It will only take about 40 minutes of walking to get to the secret beach — and it's worth every minute of the journey.

Plus, hiking through the scenic rainforest is an adventure in itself. You will cross massive trees, beautiful flowers, and even a suspension bridge.

Hopefully, you're not afraid of heights!

The hike that's required to get there makes this beach calm and secluded, without massive crowds. Once you arrive at the sandy ground you'll be able to see the waterfall on one side of the beach.

The waterfall cascades from the high above cliffs, creating a uniquely beautiful sight. On a sunny day, you can even stand underneath it — experiencing nature's shower.

You'll pass by sea caves on the way, which you can crawl inside and explore.

With all of these hidden gems, it's no surprise that this beach is called "mystic."

Mystic Beach

​Address: Juan de Fuca Provincial Park

Why You Need To Go: Get out your hiking shoes because this is the ultimate hidden gem to explore this summer!


Morgan Leet
Morgan Leet is a Senior Editor for Narcity Media based in Vancouver, B.C.