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With the heat of the summer fading away, the fall makes the perfect time to go and explore some of the best hikes in B.C.

This waterfall cascading down a cliff and flowing into a creek is set deep within the forest of North Vancouver, and it's well worth the 14-kilometre round-trip trek to see it.

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Pumpkin patches are popping up all over Canada, and one of the top quintessential fall attractions is right in B.C.

The popular B.C. pumpkin patch and farm, Maan Farms, topped Chef's Plate's ranking of Canada's best pumpkin patches — making it a must for all the fall-loving people in the province.

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This small town in B.C. is brimming with beauty, and there's no better way to see it than on horseback.

Nestled in the community of Pemberton — which is just 30 minutes outside of the world-renowned ski town of Whistler — is a charming property with a sprawling field called Copper Cayuse Outfitters.

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There's nothing better than a hike during the fall, breathing in the crisp air and enjoying the trees changing colour. This easy B.C. hike offers all that, plus an incredible waterfall surrounded by trees that cascades down a 70-metre-high cliff drop.

Brandywine Falls, in B.C., is the perfect stop if you're going on a fall weekend road trip to Whistler, as it's right on the way.

The best part is that you don't even have to work up a sweat to check out the views. The walk to the viewing platform is only a kilometre round-trip from the parking lot, which is located right off the highway.

After pulling up you'll walk into the forest and before you know it you'll hear the sound of rushing water.

The platform gives you the perfect view of the waterfall, which seems like a natural wonder hidden deep in the forest, even though it's only a short walk from the busy highway.

It's a popular spot, and for good reason, so you might have to wait your turn for a photo by the massive waterfall.

Although this spot is especially beautiful during the fall as the trees around it turn hues of yellow and gold, it's pretty incredible to see in the spring and summer too.

AllTrails says the route takes about 23 minutes to complete on average, so it's the perfect hike for quickly stretching your legs before continuing on with your road trip.

If you're up for a bigger hike there are other stunning options to explore in the area, like Garibaldi Lakes. Or, you can drive further to the Pemberton area to see the dreamy Joffre Lakes.

Brandywine Falls

Address: Brandywine Falls Provincial Park, BC

Price: Free

Why You Need To Go: This hike gives you all the payoff without too much work, so add it to your fall bucket list ASAP!

AllTrails website

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British Columbia has the obvious go-to attractions, from Granville Island to the Grouse Grind, but tucked away in other corners of the province are some of my favourite spots.

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