I Took BC Ferries To Vancouver Island & Spent The Weekend In Mineral Pools By The Ocean

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Western Canada Editor
Someone at Oak Bay Beach Hotel in Victoria, on Vancouver Island, B.C.

Someone at Oak Bay Beach Hotel in Victoria, on Vancouver Island, B.C.

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My favourite type of weekend getaway is heading across the ocean on BC Ferries from Vancouver to Vancouver Island. Full of unbeatable views, the trip never ceases to impress me.

This past weekend I went to Victoria and stayed at Oak Bay Beach Hotel — where I spent hours soaking in their mineral hot pools right next to the ocean.

The ferry ride over was stunning, and on a semi-sunny day with no snow in sight, it was easy to pretend that winter was over. I love going to the sundeck on the ferry to take in all of the views of the tiny islands we pass by.

BC Ferries. BC Ferries. Morgan Leet | Narcity

Despite all my wishing, no whales were in sight during our voyage, but it was still fun despite the slight disappointment.

BC Ferries. BC Ferries. Morgan Leet | Narcity

The ferry docks in Swartz Bay, which is just a little outside of Victoria. After a quick 30-minute drive we pulled up to Oak Bay, and I knew we were ready for a relaxing long weekend.

The hotel in Victoria was ranked the number one hotel in Canada by Condé Nast Traveler in 2021, and as soon as we stepped inside I could see why.

Right on the ocean, the hotel has an old-school luxury feel — which makes sense, given the $300-a-night price tag.

There are three restaurants right in the hotel, along with a spa and the mineral pools — so it's like a little resort where you can cozy up all weekend.

Aside from venturing out for a hike and a little walk around town, that's exactly what we did the whole trip.

Oak Bay Beach hotel.Oak Bay Beach hotel.Morgan Leet | Narcity

During the day the hot pools make the perfect place to take in the view, and at night you can hang out by the fires when you're not taking a dip.

Oak Bay Beach hotel.Oak Bay Beach hotel.Morgan Leet | Narcity

You can even order food and drinks right to the pool, making it that much easier to be lazy all day.

We headed home on Sunday, sad to see Oak Bay in our rearview mirror.

If you're taking a trip to Victoria and want a grand experience, this place won't disappoint.

Before you get going, check out our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

Morgan Leet
Western Canada Editor
Morgan Leet is the Western Canada Editor for Narcity Canada's Western Desk focused on interprovincial travel, and is based in Vancouver.