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My favourite type of weekend getaway is heading across the ocean on BC Ferries from Vancouver to Vancouver Island. Full of unbeatable views, the trip never ceases to impress me.

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If you have been looking for some fun things to do this summer — look no further than this magical garden getaway tucked away on Vancouver Island in B.C.

The Butchart Gardens has been ranked as one of the most beautiful gardens in the entire world and the number one in all of Canada, according to a study by House Fresh.

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Being in a relationship is a wonderful, beautiful, exciting thing, but as well all know, the longer you've been in one, the more comfortable you become. Not that being comfortable is a bad thing at all, but sometimes you get stuck going to the same restaurant, same coffee shops, over and over until all the staff know you by name.

Sometimes you two just need to do something fun and romantic together to get those butterflies in your stomach flying and the sparkle in your eyes sparkling again. So if you feel like you're in a bit of a relationship rut (especially now that it'll be cuffing season soon), don't let yourselves get caught watching Netflix every weekend. Here are 16 of the most romantic things you can do in Vancouver to treat you and your sweetheart.

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