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If you want a different weekend plan that doesn’t include the typical shopping, going to the movies, or hitting up a bar, there’s a chill ranch in Texas that’s just the right option for all things unconventional…you know, sharing a charcuterie board with giraffes, for example.

Blue Hills Ranch is just about a 15-minute drive from Waco, TX, where you’ll find 15 acres of exciting activities away from the busy city life.

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While your bucket list for the falling leaves season may already be filled to the brim, you better squeeze in another activity because we found another spot for you to visit.

Barton Hill Farms near Austin is throwing a fall festival this season with a massive corn maze to explore and probably get lost in. Food, drinks, and plenty of activities await you in this autumn wonderland.

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Last week, European royalty graced the Lone Star State when a Queen visited two Texas cities and explored much of what they have to offer.

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands had a two-day tour of the state that brought her to Austin, TX, and Houston, TX following a couple of days in California.

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Texas has many waterfalls that locals and tourists visit each year. There's one natural wonder just outside of Austin that is less traveled by than the other popular falls like the 40-foot grotto at Westcave Preserve.

Crockett Gardens Falls is in the city of Georgetown and has a free hiking trail that leads you through rough, rocky terrain, but spits you out at the most magical scenery. You can relax right behind the falls, making the semi-difficult journey totally worth it.

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There's a resort with an indoor waterpark in Texas and it is the largest in the United States. At a place given that title, you may think it's full of families and offers kid-friendly activities.

Of course, sliding on huge waterslides or visiting the adventure park can be a blast for anyone but, here, there are experiences exclusive to adults, including an escape inside a cave.

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