This Massive Water Park In Texas Has A Swim-Up Bar Hidden Inside A Cave & It's Adults-Only

No kids allowed!🍹

A woman sips on a beverage at The Grotto swim-up bar. Right: Two women sitting inside The Grotto.
Texas Staff Writer

A woman sips on a beverage at The Grotto swim-up bar. Right: Two women sitting inside The Grotto.

There's a resort with an indoor waterpark in Texas and it is the largest in the United States. At a place given that title, you may think it's full of families and offers kid-friendly activities.

Of course, sliding on huge waterslides or visiting the adventure park can be a blast for anyone but, here, there are experiences exclusive to adults, including an escape inside a cave.

The aquapark at Kalahari Resorts & Conventions in Round Rock, Texas, has so many fun amenities, like an exclusive swim-up bar called The Grotto, and no kids are allowed.

There are various beverage stops around the expansive place, but perhaps the most unique is inside a dim cavern built in the middle, and patrons are required to be 21 years old to just be there.

One of the most relaxing aspects is that you don't even need to leave the pool to get a drink refill. You just swim up to the counter and order some fruity cocktails.

If you're feeling a little too closed in the space, there is an opening at the end of the counter that leads to the outdoor area with another place serving drinks.

You don't have to book an entire stay at the resort. In fact, you can stop in for a day to beat the heat and purchase day passes.

The Grotto Swim-Up Bar

Price: $99+

Address: 3001 Kalahari Blvd., Round Rock, TX

Why You Need To Go: It's an adult-only pool inside of a cave complete with a swim-up bar.


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Brittany Cristiano
Texas Staff Writer
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