Your bucket list for the fall season may already be filled to the brim, but we simply don't care and have found another spot for you to visit. Barton Hill Farms near Austin is throwing a fall festival this season with a massive corn maze to get lost in. You have to go! There'll be eats, drinks, and trick or treats like you've never experienced before. Austin is exactly where you want to be from September all the way through the holidays. 

From Sept. 28 until Nov. 3, you and your friends can come out to Bastrop, a city near Austin, to enjoy everything that makes the fall season so great. The fall festival will consist of a pumpkin patch, duck races, racing karts, and of course, a massive corn maze! You have more than enough time to come out and enjoy yourself plus get the photoshoot of your dreams. 

Tickets into the festival are only $13.95 per person as long as you purchase them online! At the gate, it only goes up a tad bit to $15.95 per person. There's plenty of pricier things happening in and near Austin in the coming months, but this event won't hurt your wallet in the slightest. Save your money for a super cute Halloween costume instead.

The festival will have plenty of food and drink options, but they welcome you packing your lunch for the day as well. If you're in the Austin area looking for more to do, look no further. There's plenty of unique activities to do and see in the city. Not to mention all of the delicious restaurants nearby! We can hardly wait for fall to be here. 

Barton Hill Farms

Price: 💸

Cuisine: A variety of food and beverages 

Address: 1115 FM 969, Bastrop, TX 78602

Why you need to go: The corn maze at Barton Hill Farms is unlike any other in Texas! Stopping by and exploring during their fall festival is beyond perfect timing.