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corn maze

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Fall is here and that means plenty of pumpkin picking, apple cider drinking and long road trips to catch the leaves changing colour.

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While your bucket list for the falling leaves season may already be filled to the brim, you better squeeze in another activity because we found another spot for you to visit.

Barton Hill Farms near Austin is throwing a fall festival this season with a massive corn maze to explore and probably get lost in. Food, drinks, and plenty of activities await you in this autumn wonderland.

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Harry Potter fans are in for a magically good time this year, with tons of wizardly events popping up all across Canada.

There are so many experiences and events around the country where witches, wizards and muggles can unite.

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It's that time of year to indulge in a fun fall activity! As the air gets a bit cooler and turns crisp, it's the perfect time to head to a farm and try to make your way out of a corn maze.

These corn mazes in Canada are perfect places to get lost in this season, with locations across the country and huge fields spanning several acres that you can wander through with friends for a perfect fall day.

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You'll need to bring your courage and your flashlight for this haunted corn maze near Ottawa.

Fraisiere Lauzon et Fils is just under two hours away by car, and they have a blood-curdling labyrinth filled with spooky decorations you can explore at night.

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