Maan Farms Corn Maze Is Ridiculously Scary & Has Legit Given Me Nightmares Ever Since

I love Halloween. The costumes, scares, movies, candy — everything about the spooky season. So, I've been to my fair share of haunted attractions.

That's why I was confident on my way to Maan Farms, even after I heard that I had to sign a waiver in case I had a heart attack.


My confidence went out the door pretty quickly though, as I realized that this was the scariest hunted attraction I'd ever been to.


Maan Farms has three spooky attractions — The Scariest Forest, The Scariest Maze, and Pitch Black. The forest and the maze are no-touch, but for Pitch Black, the live actors reach out to grab you.

When we pulled into the parking lot the first thing I saw was a clown in the corner. The first thing I heard was bone-chilling screams coming from the forest in front of me. The goosebumps had already started.


After getting your ticket, you can walk around the market and an area with food trucks for drinks and snacks.


They had music playing, and it was a super fun atmosphere while you wait for your time slot.

When they started to announce our time, one of the live actors came out to get everyone ready to scream.

It didn't take long for my group to begin. After he started coming our way I couldn't help but let out a scream (or five).


We were ushered to the first attraction — the forest — by the very creepy clown who threatened to eat us multiple times.


One of my friends got so scared just waiting in line that she actually backed out, abandoning us to go enjoy her night eating at the food truck and drinking the farm's house-made wine.


They don't allow photos or videos during the attractions, but I wouldn't have been able to hold a phone up anyway. I was running away basically the whole time.


The Scariest Forest was terrifying. Much more terrifying than I expected. The live actors never broke character, and their creepy voices mixed with the scary music and flashing lights had me screaming fast.

If you go too slow, they chase you (sometimes with a chainsaw), and if you're too fast they stand in front of you, which is actually scarier somehow.

With hearts pumping, we went right to the maze next.


The maze is carnival-themed and at the beginning, they put you into a dark room with a video to explain the rules (and creep you out some more).


The special effects of the maze are unreal. They have insane lighting, smoke machines, and full scenes set up. It makes for a really interactive and fun experience, not just something you walk through.

Actors jump out at you from the corn as you walk from one scene to the next. Some make you walk through super tight hallways, where you never know what's around the next corner.


Finally, the last stop was Pitch Black. You enter into a dark space, where the actors can touch you, and even steal the group member in the back to separate them.

It wasn't totally pitch black, but pretty close to it. You have to use your hands to feel your way through most of the time.

Luckily, they give you a glowstick necklace so if it gets too scary, you simply take it off to let them know you don't want to participate anymore.

Overall, I didn't expect to get so scared. There were some points where I wanted to bail out even, but I held strong and it was so worth it. The attractions were long, which I loved because it made it that much more creepy while you waited for the end to come.

The night was full of screams, but also laughs and tons of fun.

We grabbed a drink and some ice cream afterwards to calm the nerves, and debrief on the most scream-worthy moments of the night.


The entire group agreed that the forest was hands-down the scariest of the night, starting us out strong.

Maan Farms Haunted Attractions

Price: General admission is $50-$90 for the same day, and gives you access to all of these terrifying experiences.

Address: 790 McKenzie Rd., Abbotsford, BC

When: Every Thursday - Sunday until Halloween.

Why You Should Go: Even for a Halloween lover like me, it was super scary. It's worth the price with all three attractions and makes for a full night out with the food trucks and a market.


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