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Vancouver Held Its First Witch Paddle Event & It Served Some Serious Spooky Vibes (PHOTOS)
Courtesy of Maria Doll, Photograph by Courtney McDonald

Vancouver held its first annual "Witchilano" paddle, where witches opted for paddleboards over their broomsticks, for a change.

On October 2, about 40 witches showed up at the aquatic event and for about two hours, the coven paddled from Kitsilano beach to right underneath the Granville Street Bridge and back.

"I saw a picture from Portland's annual witch's paddle and knew if there was one in Vancouver I need to be a part of it," Maria Doll, the event's organizer, told Narcity via text. "Since there wasn't, I decided to plan one myself. I made the event on Facebook, invited all my friends and posted it in the Lower mainland SUP [Stand Up Paddleboarding] group."

Vancouver Held Its First Witch Paddle Event & It Served Some Serious Spooky Vibes (PHOTOS) Courtesy of Maria Doll and Courtney McDonald

On the Facebook event page, attendees were encouraged to wear mostly black witch or warlock costumes to bring on the "best SPOOKY vibes."

So, how does one paddle in a witch costume? "The trick that we all realized was to have a chin strap on the witch hat as they kept blowing off!" Doll shared with us. "It was also a little challenging with a cloak as the paddle kept getting caught in it, but it was worth it for the spooky effect."

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On top of being the ultimate witchy photo opportunity, Witchilano also created a chance to give back. Doll said they collected clothing donations for Wish Drop-In Centre Society, which is an organization devoted to improving the safety and well-being of street-based sex workers.

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If you couldn't make it to this event, there's some good news: Doll told us more events are in the works for the future.

"I will do the event annually, on the first Saturday of October," Doll said. "A lot of people that missed the event seem very keen on coming next year."

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