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Ottawa's Newest Attraction Will Have You Jumping Over 'Lava' To Cross The Street

You'll find it the ByWard Market! 🔥

Ottawa's new interactive attraction will have you feeling like a kid as you cross the street.

On William Street in the ByWard Market, there is a fiery artwork called the Floor Is Lava, created by local artist Falldown.

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This Unbelievable Turquoise Water Swimming Hole Near Ottawa Is Finally Open

It's only 25 minutes from the city! 🏊

An incredible turquoise swimming hole near Ottawa just opened for summer, so it's time to pack your swimsuit.

Morrison's Quarry is a secret gem that many locals don't know about and it's just a short 25-minute drive from the city.

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This New Patio 5 Minutes From Ottawa Is The Wildest Spot To Work Remotely (VIDEO)

Or you can head here to sip cocktails with your friends. 🍹

Are you tired of working at home? If so, you should head to this wild new patio near Ottawa with themed spaces that are the ultimate background for your next Zoom call.

Terrasse Ilot is brand new, and you can find it on the roof of the Leduc parking garage in Gatineau.

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8 Things To Do In Ottawa To Make The Most Of Your Long Weekend

A sunflower field, play the 'floor is lava,' & more! 😎

If you're staying in the city this long weekend, we have eight ideas on things to do in Ottawa from July 30 to August 2.

You can grab your water bottle and explore a new 20-acre sunflower field or go berry picking. Plus, you won't want to miss the plant paradise at the National Gallery Of Canada, which will make you want to add a few more ferns to your living room.

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You Can Explore Ottawa’s Gigantic 15-Acre Sunflower Field & It’s Bigger Than Ever

It will be in full bloom this August! 🌻

You can wander through a golden paradise at this gigantic sunflower field in Ottawa.

Sultan Farm Sanctuary is a hidden gem in the city's west-end, and this summer, their garden will be bigger than ever.

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9 Incredible Summer Activities Around Ottawa That Were Made For You & Your BFF

Time to make plans with your bestie! 🌻

Get ready to have a summer you won't forget with your BFF with these activities around Ottawa.

From picking sunflowers at a golden garden to sharing a watermelon filled with a boozy cocktail, we have nine experiences you'll want to try with your best friend.

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