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A Firework Festival Is Coming To Ottawa For 2 Weeks & It's Going To Be Explosive

There will be cocktails and food trucks! 🎆

Get ready for two weeks of fireworks bursting across the night sky this summer.

Casino Lac-Leamy Sound Of Light finally returns on August 7 to 21 at the Canadian Museum Of History.

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You Can Paddleboard Into The Sunset At This Water Maze Only 30 Minutes From Ottawa

Explore a 6-km labyrinth! 💦

For one of the most enchanting places to go paddle boarding, you'll want to head to this water maze near Ottawa.

Eco-Odyssee, in Wakefield, is a sprawling 6-kilometre labyrinth that you can explore at sunset.

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This Illuminated Night Walk Is A Short Drive From Ottawa & It’s Pure Magic

The glowing lights will dance all around you.✨

You won't believe your eyes when you follow this magical night walk near Ottawa.

Just 55 minutes from the city, you can visit Parc Omega At Night from Thursday, June 24 to Saturday, October 9.

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This Hidden Waterfall Runs Through Beautiful Old Ruins & It's Just 30 Minutes From Ottawa

You'll also see a bright blue lake. 😍

Lace up your sneakers, as there are unbelievable ruins with a waterfall through them only 30-minutes from Ottawa.

There is no shortage of incredible sights within Gatineau Park, but one you'll want to see for yourself is the hauntingly beautiful Carbide Willson Ruins.

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11 Fun Activities You Can Finally Do Now That You Can Travel To Quebec Again

Nordic spa, water maze, ruins and more! 😍

If you are craving some adventure, we got you covered. There are so many fun activities to do near Ottawa that you'll want to try for yourself.

Now that Ontario's border restrictions are over, you can finally treat yourself to a relaxing day at Nordic Spa-Nature or trying to find your way out of an epic water maze.

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You Can Now Zipline From Ottawa To Gatineau & You’ll Fly High Above The Water

Ride the world's first interprovincial zipline!

There is a thrilling new way to travel between Ottawa and Gatineau, as Interzip Rogers opens on Thursday, June 24.

You'll undoubtedly want to try the highly anticipated attraction for yourself, as it is the world's first interprovincial zipline.

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