This BC Swimming Spot Is A Hidden Oasis That Looks Like It Belongs In The Amazon Rainforest

The water is emerald green! 😍

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​A woman in the river. Right: A man on a rope swing going into the river.

A woman in the river. Right: A man on a rope swing going into the river.

Vancouver is quite well-known to have some beautiful swimming spots scattered throughout the province, but this one could really outshine so many.

Taylor River is located in a rest area along the Pacific Rim Highway. If you're making a road trip out to Tofino or Ucluelet, B.C., this would be a super refreshing stop on the way. The waters of this river are so crystal clear and emerald green, that it almost looks like something you might see in the Amazon Rainforest.

If you've been looking to find somewhere to swim in B.C. that will make you feel like you're swimming in the jungle, come here. Just be mindful that the river water might not be as warm as the ones in the actual Amazon.

Plus, there are no meat-eating fish like Piranhas in these waters. Although, you might catch some other fishes swimming through the clear river water.

This would be such a fun spot to hang out and create some memories with friends.

There's even a rope swing that you might be able to find along the river.

Seriously, the colour of this water is so vibrant, that it'll be hard not to snap a picture or two.

If you have any pool noodles or water tubes, you might just want to pack them with you because this would be a great spot to relax and have a float. Not to mention it would also be the perfect place to cool off on a hot summer day and soak up some rays afterwards.

Taylor River Rest Area

Address: 858 Pacific Rim Hwy, BC

Why You Need To Go: This is such a unique and great swimming spot to visit on your next road trip to Ucluelet or Tofino. You can truly pretend you have been transported to the Amazon, minus the cold river water.


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