A Dog Is Living His Best Life On TikTok & Instagram By Going On Awesome Adventures In BC

400,000 people follow his vacations!

Vancouver Editor
A Dog Is Living His Best Life On TikTok & Instagram By Going On Awesome Adventures In BC

A dog's adventures around B.C. are being documented to hundreds of thousands of TikTok and Instagram followers around the world.

Mister Bentley is a 9-year-old English Bulldog and his owner describes him as "a furry little co-pilot, living one backwards step at a time."

As if the pup could get any cuter, his birthday also falls on Valentine's Day!

He has 444,000 Instagram followers and 400,000 people who watch him on TikTok living his best life.

Honestly, it looks way cooler than most people's lives.


Hanging with the big dog, @benkielesinski #helicopter #bulldog #flying

He got his name after his owner lovingly called him "Mister Bentley," as a joke at first. Once his Instagram took off though, it stuck!


Not stopping!!! @duffincove #tofino #duffincove #britishcolumbia #canada #travel #bulldog

Mister Bentley now gets to travel around B.C., going from one adventure to the next.


Nervous? #mrbentley_thedog #bulldog #englishbulldog #helicopter #aviation #flying

His popular videos show him riding in the front seat of a plane, going through stunning scenery.

Sometimes he travels by land, too.


RAWR! Coming right at you! #motorcycle #fyp

Aside from it being a cute AF profile to follow, it's also an amazing way to see the province and get some adventure inspiration.


You know, it looks pretty damn great! #27videos #mrbentley_thedog #adventure #romaticizeyourlife #doglover #dogtok #englishbulldog #bulldog

When he's not working hard showing you around, he takes some much-needed relaxation time. We don't blame him, it must get tiring being so famous!


The life… #mrbentley_thedog #dogsoftiktok #summer #summertime

Mister Bentley also uses his fame for good, helping out other animals during the tragic B.C. floods.

He and his owner flew in supplies to communities that were cut off due to the historic flooding and then used the extra space on the way home to fly out the animals who needed care from a vet.


Flew supplies up to communites cut off, used the empty space to fly out animals needing to see the vet. #bcflood #bcfloods #britishcolumbia #canada

Who wouldn't love this little guy?!

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