People On TikTok Are Scared After A Vancouver Airport Worker Shared What's Under A Plane

"Still amazed how planes fly!" ✈️

Western Canada Editor
People On TikTok Are Scared After A Vancouver Airport Worker Shared What's Under A Plane

A Vancouver International Airport worker has been giving his TikTok followers a rare glimpse into what he sees during his job every day.

TikTok user @djsugue posts videos showing travellers some of the things they might normally miss when boarding a plane, including where your bags go and where pets are kept during a flight.

Now, he's shared what the bottom of a plane looks like — and it's just a maze of wires.


Still amazed how planes fly ✈️🛫 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #airport #vancouver #yvr #fun #eletrical #rampagent #ramper #737 #737max #boeing #fypシ

In the comments, people seemed to be both scared and amazed by the video.

A TikToker replied: "It's crazy to me how big heavy machines can just stay in the air."

One user wrote: "That's actually scary how these things work," while another just said it looked scary.

In a separate video, @djsugue shows the maze of wires from inside the airplane engine on one of the power turbines on the wings.


Airplane engine ✈️🕸 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #rampagent #airport #aviation #yvr #fypシ #boeing #eletrical #787 #787b #787dreamliner #engine #airplane

The TikTok user has gathered more than 175,000 followers. People have liked his videos an incredible 4.3 million times.

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