This Flight Attendant's Top TikTok Tip Is A Warning About What Not To Drink On A Plane

“Don’t you ever, ever, ever consume these products from an airplane.”

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TikTok’s Top Flight Attendant Tip Is A Warning About What Not To Drink On A Plane

A flight attendant on TikTok spilled all the tea about what not to consume from an airplane, and let's just say we're feeling a little grossed out.

User @katkamalani has plenty of popular flight attendant videos on TikTok, but one of her top videos is a good warning for everyone — and it's probably just as true now as when she posted it last January.

Apparently, the hot water tanks in some planes are rarely ever cleaned out, so essentially, when you drink airplane coffee or tea, there's a chance that it's not-so-pure water.

"Rule #1 never consume any liquid that is not in a can or a bottle. The reason being because those water tanks are never cleaned, and they are disgusting," warns the flight attendant during the video.


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She also claims that flight attendants rarely ever drink coffee or tea on flights because of this.

Kat went on to point out that the tanks "are by the lavatory," and left the rest up to her viewers' imaginations.

Kat ended her video with a "pro tip for parents."

Instead of asking for hot water to fill your baby's bottle, she recommends asking for a bottle of water and a cup of hot water and placing the bottle in the cup to heat the water up.

However, a bunch of flight attendants in the comments section didn't quite agree.

One commented, "Flight Attendant here! we drink the coffee and hot water all the time.. you'll be alright lol."

Another person commented, "Hi, I'm an aircraft mechanic, and whatever airline you work for, I'm sorry, because WE DO clean those tanks and coffee pots… it's mandatory on a lot of the checks that they get sterilized and cleaned."

Someone even asked, "How is that legal?"

It seems as though not all airlines have this issue, but the fact that it's a problem on some of them may have some people thinking twice about ordering a coffee in the future.

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