The Most Annoying Air Travel Habits Were Ranked & Any One Of Them Can Ruin A Flight

Believe it or not, a noisy child is not the No. 1! 🤯 🤨

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Inside of a plane. Right: A Crying toddler on a plane.

Inside of a plane. Right: A Crying toddler on a plane.

Nothing throws a damper on an exciting trip like a wailing baby on a flight — except maybe a few other irritating things.

Wanderlust just released the results of a survey ranking the most annoying parts of air travel that people face on the average flight, and we can't help but agree with the results.

The list encompasses annoyances such as foul body odour, snoring, drunk passengers and so much more. But the number 1 entry on the list is hard to beat.

After surveying 1,500 air travellers, Wanderlust found that the most annoying thing on a flight is when someone kicks the back of your seat.

Talk about bad manners.

This was followed closely by being seated near a passenger who has terrible body odour. Imagine being subjected to that kind of stench for 17 hours straight. Yeah, no thanks!

Third on the list is having a loud and proud person who doesn't understand how to use their inside voice in confined spaces.

The fourth rank goes to having someone pull or lean on your seat, and honestly, it's pretty self-explanatory why almost anyone would hate that.

Fifth on the list is something that I've never experienced myself, but I could imagine being horrific: a drunk passenger. There's always that one person who has too many mini bottles of wine with dinner.

The next entry might be number 1 on many people's lists, although it's number 6 on this one: noisy children on flights. We've all been stuck 36,000 feet above the ground in a metal container listening to a baby cry non-stop for 7 hours straight, and it is definitely not a fun experience.

Meanwhile, a person who reclines their chair on a flight came seventh on the list.

Number 8 is the same problem you'll find in a middle school boys' locker room: Axe deodorant. This annoyance involves having a person on the flight apply tons and tons of perfume or cologne while on the plane.

I can literally smell it as I type.

The ninth annoyance could apply to many pandemic-related situations, and that's people who refuse to wear their masks properly.

The pandemic has gone on for way too long for people not to know it goes over the nose.

Second-last is one that's a bit hard to control, and that's snoring on flights.

Finally, smelly feet only make a cameo at the bottom of the list. People who take off their shoes and socks in the middle of a flight and let the stench of their sweaty feet engulf the plane are a special kind of annoying.

Here's hoping you don't have to deal with one of these — or more than one — on your next flight!

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Sameen Chaudhry
Global Staff Writer
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