A Woman Kicked A Reclined Seat On A Plane & She Got So Salty With Those Who Called Her Out

She wanted to teach a "violent lesson in plane etiquette."

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A woman having a drink during a flight. Right: A person eating a meal on a plane.

A woman having a drink during a flight. Right: A person eating a meal on a plane.

An airline passenger is standing behind her "petty" response to someone else on a recent flight, after asking online users if she did the right thing.

The woman recently posted her inquiry on a U.K. forum, where she asked if she did the right thing by kicking another passenger's seat. However, the reactions clearly didn't go the way she expected, and now she's getting sassy in her follow-up replies to comments.

In her post on the internet forum Mumsnet, the woman said she was flying on a red-eye from the U.S. when another passenger in front of her reclined "as soon as humanly possible."

She said she had no problem with that until the inflight meal was served 45 minutes into the flight.

"She is the ONLY person in the cabin who keeps her seat reclined, bearing in mind she is sat bolt upright to eat," the woman wrote.

The woman says she didn't think it was within her rights to ask the passenger to put their chair up, even though she couldn't use her tray table "without her chair pressing against my forehead."

"Instead I did the petty thing and kicked her chair throughout the inflight meal, so she had a taste of the discomfort that I have."

The woman finished her post by asking if she was "unreasonable" for behaving that way.

The majority of the people who responded thought she could have handled the issue better by simply talking to the woman in front of her or calling a flight attendant to do it for her.

"Yes, you were an arsehole. You seem very proud of it which makes you a double arsehole," one person wrote.

"This would drive me crazy too but yabu [you are being unreasonable] for not just asking her to put her chair forward," another person stated, to which the woman replied with some crying laughing emojis and said "uh oh, did I get this wrong? I’m inconsiderate, she is not – got it!"

Another person said the woman was being "passive-aggressive" and should've spoken up if she was that bothered.

"Is kicking her chair non-verbal communication? I’d like to think so…" she wrote back to that comment.

One commenter said, "What sort of person thinks kicking a seat in the first instance is clever rather than just asking?" and added that she was being "unfunny" and "violent."

The woman did write back with a touch of sarcasm.

"Violent 😭 oh dear god… somebody call CrimeStoppers," she said.

The airline passenger replied to several other comments on her post as well to back up her stance on the situation.

"Look, I’ll be honest – I’m tired, jet lagged and absolutely petty. Yesss I could have tapped Wreck-It Recliner on the shoulder and asked her to put it up," she wrote.

"But you know what. I didn’t want to. Why should I further my discomfort by forcing myself to communicate with her verbally… so I kicked her chair a few times to teach her a VIOLENT lesson in plane etiquette."

While many people weren't in favour of how the woman reacted to her discomfort, one comment did back her up and said others didn't have a sense of humour.

Based on the reaction it's safe to say that speaking up is better than kicking a seat when you have an issue during a flight.

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Asymina Kantorowicz
Associate Editor, Global
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