A Flight Attendant Shared A Simple Thing You Can Do On Flights To Get Special Treatment

If you like free drinks, listen up!

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A Flight Attendant Shared A Simple Thing You Can Do On Flights To Get Special Treatment

If you're planning to pack your bags and take a little trip anytime soon, this recent tip from a flight attendant might just help you score some perks on your next flight.

Narcity spoke to Anna*, a flight attendant of nearly 15 years who works for a major Canadian airline — and she said that a small token of appreciation can actually go a long way and even earn you some free stuff during your travels.

"It used to happen quite frequently [...] when we used to do cash transactions. 'Keep the rest of the change,' or 'here's an extra five,' or whatever that was," Anna explained. She said that the rule of thumb for those working on flights was always to initially say no to a tip, but if the guest insists, just accept the gesture.

However, Anna said that tipping onboard happens less and less these days because the majority of transactions are now done by credit card.

"We're never expecting it. But if people want to show appreciation to their flight crew, a gift card to Tim Hortons or Starbucks goes a long way," Anna explained.

She said that stand-by guests often know that if they bring candy or treats for the flight crew it can often lead to a free drink.

"I can't promise that, but [you're] more likely to get a free drink if there is a treat involved for the crew," Anna said. "That goes a long way with us and we feel appreciated."

Anna also noted that generally speaking, there's two pilots and no more than four flight attendants on the average domestic flight so in that case, even as you're getting your Timmies after going through security, a box of 10 Timbits might just be your key to an extra perk while on board.

*Name has been changed to maintain confidentiality. Narcity has verified her identity.

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