9 Expert Travel Hacks That Will Help Make Your 2022 Vacation As Cheap As Possible

Consider the perfect time to book and fly, and know when to splurge! 👇✈️

9 Expert Travel Hacks That Will Help Make Your 2022 Vacation As Cheap As Possible
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If you've been wondering how to make your vacation as cheap as possible, look no further! These expert travel hacks and tips explain how to get value for money when booking a trip, including the best time to book flights in Canada.

In a recent report, Expedia revealed a number of hacks including the best time to book airfare, which day of the week to travel and when to splurge and go premium.

It found that while average flight prices have been steadily increasing both domestically and internationally, ticket costs are still on average around 25% lower than they were in 2019. That means a holiday could be just around the corner!

Before you book, here are seven tips to consider that may help to make your trip as cheap as possible:

Book at the right time

Booking during the optimal window could save you serious bucks, especially when it comes to airfare.

Expedia says that domestic flight prices usually begin rising 35 days before departure, while prices for international flights start to increase 28 days before.

The "sweet spot" to book a domestic trip is between 28 and 49 days in advance, while tickets for international flights should be purchased around three to four months in advance for the lowest prices.

That's not all. You can even save money by booking your flight on optimal days of the week. The report says the "ideal" day to buy plane tickets is Sunday, with savings of up to 15% on domestic journeys and 10% on international ones.

Travel on specific days

Just like booking on certain days can save you money, travelling at particular times can be cheaper, too.

Expedia's report says the best day to begin a domestic trip is Friday, rather than Monday, as passengers can save around 25%. When it comes to international flights, Saturdays can be as much as 10% cheaper than Tuesdays.

Travel during the cheapest month

If you've been dreaming of a vacation during the holidays, you may want to reconsider. Travelling in January is almost 30% cheaper than December when it comes to international flights, and 15% cheaper when it comes to domestic trips.

If you're flexible, consider travelling during off-peak periods.

Book accommodation wisely

Similar to the airfare, being savvy when arranging accommodation could save you money.

For trips inside Canada, Expedia says the lowest average daily rate for booking accommodation tends to occur on a Tuesday. Guests could actually save as much as 10% by booking on a Tuesday rather than a Friday.

Tuesdays are also cheaper on average for international trips, while booking accommodation on Thursday should apparently be avoided!

Unlike flights, unfortunately, the most affordable day to begin a domestic or international hotel stay is a Tuesday, with savings of up to 10% on offer.

Down-star to save

What's a star or two between friends, eh?

The report says that Canadians can stretch their dollars further by booking a lower star-rated hotel for their trip. In fact, travellers can save as much as 45% on average by opting for a four-stay property, rather than a five-star one.

Down-starring from four-star accommodation to a three-star option could make the stay around 30% cheaper.

Be flexible

It might be an obvious one, but being flexible when booking flights and accommodation makes it a lot easier to get the best possible deal. Research different dates, hotels, air carriers and vacation packages before committing to one and don't rush to book if you're not ready!

Bundle and save

If you're booking via a travel agent, online travel company or something similar, bundling services can make the total cost more affordable. On average, Canadians can save around 10% by bundling their flight and hotel together in one transaction.

Loyalty pays off

It pays to be loyal, people! Whenever you book a new adventure, keep a lookout for offers and discounts for future bookings.

You may not feel like you need to save discount codes for future trips right there and then, but you'll be grateful for your forward-thinking one day in the future!

Canadians can also make the most of travel company memberships and VIP access opportunities, among other things.

Know when to splurge

Treat yourself, you deserve it! Knowing when to splurge could help you get the absolute best possible experience while staying within your budget.

Expedia says that right now, flight tickets in premium economy "have never been cheaper." In 2021, premium economy ticket costs are just 212% more expensive than the economy equivalent, compared to 304% more expensive pre-pandemic.

This means that if you've been waiting for the best time to go all out, you should consider upgrading now!

Before you get going, check out our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

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