A TikToker Shared What It's Like To Take A 62-Hour Plane Trip & The Price Might Be Worth It

"I'd do it.”

The TikToker's videos about travel.
Global Staff Writer

The TikToker's videos about travel.

If you've ever sorted your flight options by price and then laughed at a three-day mega-journey around the world, then one TikToker's experience might be enough to change your mind.

TikToker Madison Brooks makes travel videos and documents her life jumping from one country to another but let’s be real, a lifestyle like that can’t be cheap.

Brooks decided not to gatekeep and let her 127,600 followers in on her huge money-saving travel hack: budget airlines.

In one video, which now has over 1.6 million views, Brooks shared that she managed to get herself all the way to Asia with as little as $40.

Yes, you read that right. She managed the impossible for less than $50, although the trip did include some other intangible costs, the biggest being Brooks' comfort.


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“When you budget travelled a bit too hard and booked the 62-hour flight journey instead of the nonstop 15-hour route, but now you actually have to do the 3 days of living in airports and small planes with no legroom,” read the caption over Brooks' video.

Brooks essentially decided it was worth taking the extremely long way to a country if it meant that she would be saving big bucks in the process.

The bio of the video read: “These budget airlines have me in a chokehold.”

People in the comment section of the video were baffled not only by Brooks' deal, but also by her commitment and dedication to travel for all those hours.

One commenter wrote, “ok but I'd do it for $40,” which received over 15,000 likes suggesting that many others would do the same.

Another person wrote: “Girl $40!!! I'll take 5 connections.”

“$40 vs $4000 tho!! I'd do it,” wrote another user.

Meanwhile, others weren’t so keen on the travel itinerary.


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“So if you have to take an extra 1-2 days off for work, doesn't that deal cancel out?” one user asked. “I can barely handle the direct 15hr flight.”

However, it seems that the majority of people were still into the idea and one user even commented what their game plan would be to tackle such a long trip.

“$40 though. I’d come prepared with a downloaded Korean drama, three books, two crossword puzzles, Jenga to play with the neighbour and some NyQuil,” read their comment.

Another user asked what we were all wondering and commented: “yeah but tell me how you found this deal. asking for a friend.”

“I mean I did 2 days for about $400, wouldn’t even mind extra one day if there was one zero less,” wrote another user.

Budget airlines are becoming more and more prominent and some, such as RyanAir, even offer deals in Europe that can be as little as £10.

You can also find cheaper flights online if you're willing to endure a stopover or two, just as Brooks did.

It all depends on what you're willing to endure, and what you're willing to pay!

Sameen Chaudhry
Global Staff Writer
Sameen Chaudhry was a Staff Writer for Narcity’s Global Desk focused on TikTok drama and based in Toronto, Ontario.