7 TikTok Travel Hacks To Fit Your Clothes In A Carry-On & Avoid A Lost Luggage Nightmare

Skip the baggage claim and make the most of your vacation!

Lost baggage. Right: A passenger with a carry on.
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Lost baggage. Right: A passenger with a carry on.

Don't you hate when you find a cheap flight to Europe, only to find out that the price is much higher once you add the "checked luggage" option?

If you want to fly for a low price, skip the luggage carousel and spare yourself the risk of losing your checked bag altogether, we've got a few TikTok tips that will speed you through your next trip.

TikTokers Kayleen Kelly and Michelle Gonzalez have some of the best packing advice you can find on the internet, and you can't go wrong with their top hacks for air travel.

Kelly is a professional organizer who often shares tips for being more efficient in your daily life. One of her top videos is an incredible rundown of travel hacks that could be a game changer for your next trip.

Gonzalez is a travel influencer and she also has plenty of tips that she shares on her TikTok account, @laxtoluxury.

Here are the best bits of advice that these two have to offer!

Tip #1: Pack one room at a time

Kelly says you should always go from room to room and make a pile of things you need. So in the washroom, you'll pack your toiletries. Then move on to the kitchen and fill your prescriptions and travel meds. You'll pack your clothes from your bedroom and so on and so forth.

Tip #2: Layer up for the plane

It's wise to wear many layers on the plane to save space, Kelly says.

Wear your bulkiest shoes and heavy jacket to the airport, so they don't take up too much space in your carry-on.

Tip #3: Play Tetris with your clothes

When packing, use a combination of rolling and folding your clothes so you can fit as much as possible in your bag.

"I max out my space the best I can by doing a combination of rolling and also folding the items," shares Kelly. "It's kind of like a Tetris puzzle."


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Tip #4: Use compression packing cubes

Compression packing cubes are little square-shaped bags you can pack things into and compartmentalize your carry-on luggage. They squeeze things in and allow you to use up every inch of your bag.

Kelly called them a "key player" in her carry-on packing game, and it's a great way to keep things organized while maximizing the space you have inside your luggage.

"They are a game changer," Kellys says.

Gonzalez also swears by them and brings them up in part one of her series on packing efficiently.


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"Get yourself a set of packing cubes. Everyone recommends them for a reason, and if you don't have a set, you're not optimizing the precious space you have in your carry-on," Gonzalez says in her video, which has almost 1 million views.

Tip #5: Put things in piles

Gonzalez suggests putting things into piles based on category, such as shirts, bottoms, shoes...etc.

That way, if one pile seems to have too many things, you will be able to tell and then can remove excess items and avoid overpacking.

This way, you'll ensure you won't forget anything important and can see all the essentials you need in front of you.

Tip #6: Maximize your personal item

Most flights offer you a free personal item like a backpack or a handbag, so Gonzalez says you should maximize it.

Get a bag big enough to fit more of your essentials like electronics, but not too big that it doesn't fit under your plane seat.

Tip #7: Shoes!

"Pack few but versatile shows that will go with multiple outfits," Gonzalez shares in one video.


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Lastly, like Kelly, she also recommends wearing your bulkiest shoes on the plane to free up space in your carry-on.

Hopefully these tips help you on your next trip, and you don't need to deal with the hassle of a lost bag!

Before you get going, check out our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

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