A TikToker Says She Scored A First-Class Seat For $6 & Her Travel Hack Is Actually So Easy


The TikToker explaining her travel hack in a video.
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The TikToker explaining her travel hack in a video.

Not many of us get to sit in first class when travelling by plane, but how would you feel if you could get that kind of seat for just a few dollars?

A TikToker shared a video explaining how she travels using credit card points, and she even breaks it all down to show others how they can do it too.

Luckily for us, it actually looks quite simple to do!

TikToker @travelhackingmom recently posted a video showing her mother travelling in a first-class suite on a Singapore Airlines flight from JFK airport in New York to Frankfurt, Germany.

"You are not going to believe this seat that my mom had on this plane," the TikToker starts the video off by saying. "She booked this flight for 143,000 points plus $5.60."


I was sitting in business class wh cub didn’t suck but it’s no Singapore suites! #awardtravel #creditcardpoints #luxuryflight #luxurytravel #travelhacks

With more than 9.8 million views, it's clear many people are loving the suite and the price tag.

"I did not know they even made things like this for planes," one person said. Another follower wrote: "The way she looks more comfortable in that suite than I ever do in my own gd living room 😂."

While scoring a seat like that seems like a dream, the TikToker says anyone can do it.

She has since posted a 10-part series called "How to be a travel hacker" to show others how to travel using points.

"For the last 5.5 years or so I’ve been travelling for nearly free using credit card points," she said.

In the video she explained that in order to get credit card points to use for travel, she and her family sign up for new credit cards for the welcome bonus.

“For example a card might have a bonus, like spend $3,000 in three months and we’ll give you 50,000 points," she said. "That $3,000 in three months is called the minimum spend requirement and we have to spend that within three months to get the 50,000 points."

To hit that minimum spend requirement she uses it on normal everyday expenses she would buy anyways.

"We’re not spending any more money than we normally do, we’re just putting it on a new credit card," the TikToker explained.

Many people were left intrigued by the part 1 video and left a bunch of questions for the TikToker.

"Does opening up new credit cards all the time impact your credit score Negatively?" one person asked to which she responded, "Nope, I’ll go into more detail in a future video."

"But don’t you run out of new cards to get eventually?" another comment asked. The TikToker replied by saying, "Nope! Some you can even get again."

"I want to learn! My husband and I just took our first trip to Europe. We are obsessed and I want to learn the hacks!" another person stated.

For anyone who is interested in learning more, the series addresses different factors like the best credit cards to use when it comes to racking up points, why you should keep a new card for at least a year and how to deal with annual credit card fees.

Narcity reached out to the TikToker for a comment, but we did not hear back by the time the story was published.

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